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Strips & Coils

Accessible in various thickness, width and width tolerance options, the GI Strips & Coils are used in construction industry for earthing purpose. Featured with zinc quoted surface and mild steel galvanized wire made body, these materials are useful for safeguarding metal parts of electrical equipments, transformers and residence of any buildings against electrical shock and over voltage during electricity fault. High conductivity level and precise dimension are some of the special attributes of these earthing materials.

Lightning Arrester

Stainless steel, brass or copper made Lightning Arrester is used as a reliable lightning prevention medium in concrete structures, meteorological stations and in petroleum gas stations. It consists of lightning attenuator locate for lowering amplitude of current and reducing electromagnetic properties of electrical discharge, discharge ball and lamp stand. The electrolytic copper coating of this product is meant for its strengthening purpose.

Chemical Earthing Electrodes

Galvanized steel or copper or alloy metal made Chemical Earthing Electrodes are installed underground of buildings to avoid hazardous conditions resulting from electrical fault. Known for their high conductivity level, these electrodes contain specially formulated electrolytic salts as inner filling materials for discharge of active ion to surrounding soil and to absorb humidity of air. Free from maintenance charge, these electrodes are corrosion proof and can withstand moisture and high temperature.

Earthing Material

Made of standard grade rubber materials like SBR and NR; plastics like PVC; metals like copper, alloy metal, cast iron and galvanized iron, our wide assortment of Earthing Material is meant for avoiding electrical current, voltage overload and electrical impact. The offered earthing item ensures safety of people and electrical systems during electrical fault. Wear proof design, high electric conductivity level and ability to release active ion to soil quickly are some key attributes of this material.

Chemical Bag Fill Compound

Formulated by combining various natural minerals, the offered Chemical Back Filled Compound is widely used for earthing purpose. The unique moisture absorption capacity of this compound helps to maintain consistency of ohmic value of surrounding soil of earthing electrodes. This compound transforms from powder to gel when water is poured on it during its installation. Its hygroscopic capacity increases in its gel form.

Copper Plates

Available in square shaped sheet form, the tinted or pure copper made Copper Plates are used as suitable underground earthing materials. These are used as part of grounding system of transformer station, airport, and computer room of office or residential buildings.  Known for their non alloy based composition, these electrical metal plates are preferred for their excellent electrical conductivity level and high corrosion resistance properties.

HDPE Pit Cover

Known for its weather proof design, the precisely developed HDPE Pit Cover is preferred for its utilization of environment friendly plastic material, anti slippery properties and rust proof design. Superior grade fiberglass has been used to strengthen this cover. Accessible in various thickness, width, length, weight and size options, this pit cover is used in various parts of roads and highways.

Earthing Pit Cover

Made of standard grade polyplastic, PVC and mild steel, the Earthing Pit Cover is meant for grounding application purpose. Easy to install, this cover is utilized as a reliable lightning protection medium. High conductivity level, rust proof design, lockable lid design, precise diameter, UV and chemical resistance properties, acid and alkali proof design are some key attributes of this pit cover.

Manhole Covers
Manhole covers are formulated for covering the pit or hole. These products also provide access to the workers to get inside it. Our offered items have a heavy structure and round shape. Manhole covers are made up of FRP material and sophisticated tools.
Pit Cover
Pit covers provide protection for all earthing terminations. These are utilized for covering the earthing pit. Our offered products do not let the infrastructure exposed to shock or current flow. Pit covers are prepared using fibre-reinforced plastic material and modern tools.
Rubber Mats
Rubber mats are fabricated for covering the floor for insulation purpose. These are available in different sizes, thickness, colours and designs. Our offered products protect against shock. Rubber mats do not let the electron move at all after slowing down their movement.
Earthing Strip
Earthing strips are ideal for residential, industrial and commercial areas. These are designed for providing stable platform for sensitive equipment to perform better. Earthing strips are processed by using galvanized iron. Our offerings provide earthing to the infrastructures.

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